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Francesco Giampaolo, born 1988, is a passionated Luxembourgish abstract contemporary art-lover

 « In a generation, where constantly worrying and overthinking are some of the most relevant issues, let’s focus on what we can create instead »

Savage Canvas, the artistic name of Francesco’s work is born out of his very dynamic and expressive way of painting and pouring. 

His works are usually full of emotions, force and overfilled with colors. 

« It’s not about pouring color on a canvas, it’s more about expressing emotions on a blank sheet »

I generally imagine a situation or remind myself of past events (happenings in which I felt a specific emotion.. anger, happiness, satisfaction, boredom, inspiration, sadness, fear, disgust, loneliness...) According to this, I choose my colors, my materials and begin painting. As my mind flows around, I guide myself during the process, trying to reproduce what my mind is visualizing.

The Artist: Parcours
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